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About Us
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About Us

An elite Indian fine dining restaurant located in your neighborhood in Squamish.

The Philosophy of the Indian food is, that every Indian food is made delicious with the addition of herbs and spices during its preparation. India is well known as land of spices and herbs. Every Indian spice has its Own medicinal value which is highly beneficial for this modern living and cooking. We use these spices to enhance the flavors of food as well as for a healthy living.

These foods are complemented with the right wine pairing and it enhances the wine and the food. Some of the lighter wines like a Sauvignon Blanc would be enhanced with lighter appetizers and basic food.

An Aromatic wine such as Safed would be complemented with a bit of spicier Vegetable Samosa and pakora's. The spice and herbaceous nature of these foods combined with and Aromatic wine complement the flavors of the food and the wine.

Indian Masala Bar & Grill is your best destination for great tasting, authentic Indian food in Squamish, with all your favorite Northern Indian recipes, highlights from the Southern Indian style of cooking, and the latest from the exciting fusion style of modern Mumbai.

In fact, we have so many choices on our menu that it is sometimes difficult to decide what to eat! This makes our special-value lunch a tempting option, and an excellent way for you to try a little – or a lot! – of everything.

So we welcome you to the amazing journey of Indian food and wine combo at the Finest Indian Fine Dining Restaurants in Squamish

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